Find the Best Quality Home Care in a Skilled Nursing Facility

On one of my trips to Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was lucky enough to encounter a nursing home/care resort facility just outside the city. I have been to Chiang Mai several times and have always enjoyed the city, culture, people and food. I heard that there were many people who retired in Chiang Mai because of its climate, culture, and affordability. Hearing about a full service care resort really peaked my interest.

Owner Peter Brown and his wife built Care Resort Chiang Mai from scratch after having a nightmare nursing home experience in the UK with his mother.   First and foremost, Peter and his wife wanted to build a place where it was not a ‘boarding school for elders’ – where all meals, activities etc were dictated. He wanted to create a comfortable, caring and safe place for elders live out their later years.

Upon entering the palatial resort, it has the feel of a tropical suburb. Small houses line the streets. Residents can rent spacious, nicely furnished studio, 1 or 2 bedroom houses (similar to assisted living) or if they have dementia/Alzheimers, there is also shared housing with 24/7 care. The local Thai nursing staff visits the residents daily to check on their health and have a cup of tea providing companionship as well.   The Thai culture easily lends itself to a gentle kindness, which is a stark difference to what I have witnessed in nursing homes in the U.S.    There is a library, restaurant, swimming pool, large lake, luscious grounds.

I met with one of the residents who happened to live in New York for 30+ years and had been living at Care Resort Chiang Mai for the last year. She loves it there even though her daughter lives in California. Here, she can live comfortably and her daughter doesn’t need to worry about her safety.

This model works because the lower cost of care in Thailand, Thai culture, and Peter and his wife’s philosophy towards care. I was super impressed to say the least and I think you will be too!

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Care Resort Chiang Mai is a luxury adult care retirement facility in northern Thailand. The resort provides both ‘independent living with care’ and ‘close care’ with on-site nursing and care support. The main languages spoken in the seniors care facility are English and Thai.

Our award-winning care facility has 2 key philosophies:
1. There will always be sufficient high quality care
2. Independence, choice and dignity of the individual remain key requirements

The provision of retirement care in Thailand may be more affordable than you think, in a country renowned for its high class, cost-effective medical services. We have opened this resort is to provide a level of comfort that people deserve, but may not be able to obtain in their home country and to give a high level of care. We believe in care. It helps health. It helps self-confidence. It allows guests to enjoy life. Quality of life should not end because of some incapacity. The resort has 2 boutique memory care facilities for Alzheimer’s and other dementia. Our facility caters for both short and long-term stays.



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