What’s The Modern Age?

Welcome to The Modern Age!  We have been caring for our mom since 2001 and dad since 2016. Mom suffered a sudden severe stroke that left her with right side paresis. She was a healthy, fit, restauranteur who rarely got sick so it completely caught us off guard. Our family spent years trying to navigate the health care system without going completely broke and losing everything our parents worked so hard for. We had NO idea what to do…just praying that she would get better and life could return to normal. But, this WAS our new normal. We cried a lot, stressed out a lot, fought a lot, but also learned a ton and grew closer because of it.   And eventually we learned to laugh and find joy again.

Navigating the system is not for the weary. We made A LOT of mistakes along the way. There are lots of holes and problems with the current system. As we found ourselves getting older and knowing that this population is only growing, we realized that there is much we need to do to change the current way we approach the issues and systems to care for our aging population.

Many of us worry about the unknowns of the future. What will happen to our parents as they grow older? Who will care for them? What about me?   What about those of us who are childless? How will we pay for any potentially needed care? How do we relieve ourselves of the stresses associated with caregiving? The questions go on and on and yet we do a really good job at avoiding the hard discussions that need to take place.

We want to create change and a better world for ourselves and our loved ones.   This starts with having a dialogue, thus The Modern Age TV!   We will sit down with top experts, practitioners, inventors and caregivers to get sound advice and innovative practical tips on how to make our lives easier and safer as we age, whether we are a caregiver or need care. We want to empower you with modern knowledge and innovative tools so that you or your loved one can enter this phase while retaining the quality of life that you desire with comfort, choice and dignity.

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To your health and happiness, Risa and Kari


I’m Risa Morimoto. I am a documentary and television producer and director. After years caring for mom and dad, we decided to create Modern Aging, a company that focuses on innovative solutions to today’s aging issues in order to change the way we think about aging and caregiving. The idea for Modern Age TV came about after trying to figure out how we could best contribute to the field of aging. It is a perfect marriage of what I do for a living with the information we have learned along the way . I also travel quite a bit for work (I am lucky enough to direct episodes of House Hunters International) so have had a chance to see how other countries approach issues of aging and have documented some of my discoveries along the way. I look forward to sharing our insights with you!

Your Co-Host

I’m Kari Morimoto Hoest, Risa’s sister.  I have been the primary caregiver for our mom for the last 17 years. She suffered a debilitating stroke in 2001 that left her with right side paresis. In 2011, mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.   In 2016, dad was diagnosed with dementia and now lives in a nursing home. (Yes, it is as exhausting as it sounds!) Along with my family, I have handled the many complicated emotional, physical, medical and legal aspects of caregiving.   I am also a licensed massage therapist, floral designer, and love love love to cook and bake.  These skills have all come in super handy as I provide care to our parents.

The Modern Age TV is a Modern Aging production.



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