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How Medical Cannabis Works with Dr. Junella Chin

By modernagetv / March 6, 2019

I have been curious about medical cannabis for many years. I’ve read articles and watched videos about it being ‘miracle medicine.’  I’ve heard it has great results for patients with Parkinson’s, epilepsy, cancer, autoimmune diseases, pain management, and the list goes on.  A friend introduced me to Dr. Chin and thought this would be the […]


What’s a Hospital in Japan Like?

By modernagetv / February 7, 2019

I got to visit a hospital in Japan and it’s called the Watanabe New Heart Hospital in Tokyo.  Wow.  This is the kind of hospital I wish we had here in the States.  The doctors and nurses treat you as though you are royalty.  The accommodations are fit for a 5 star hotel.  And the […]


Palliative Care Part 2: Having End of Life Discussions

By modernagetv / November 16, 2018

On starting an end of life conversation: “It starts with asking an open ended question.  And waiting long enough for the person to provide a response because we are often uncomfortable with silence and we will fill in the spaces before letting the individual to express themselves.  They will need that extra time because it […]


What is Palliative Care? (Hint: It’s not Hospice)

By modernagetv / November 2, 2018

I think many of us have heard of palliative care but there seems to be a lot of confusion on what it is exactly. That’s what we are going to clarify in today’s episode.  Dr. Heather Sung is a palliative care physician in Connecticut and shares what it is, how it differs from hospice and […]


Find the Best Quality Home Care in a Skilled Nursing Facility

By modernagetv / February 9, 2018

On one of my trips to Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was lucky enough to encounter a nursing home/care resort facility just outside the city. I have been to Chiang Mai several times and have always enjoyed the city, culture, people and food. I heard that there were many people who retired in Chiang Mai because […]