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Palliative Care Part 2: Having End of Life Discussions

By modernagetv / November 16, 2018

On starting an end of life conversation: “It starts with asking an open ended question.  And waiting long enough for the person to provide a response because we are often uncomfortable with silence and we will fill in the spaces before letting the individual to express themselves.  They will need that extra time because it […]


What is Palliative Care? (Hint: It’s not Hospice)

By modernagetv / November 2, 2018

I think many of us have heard of palliative care but there seems to be a lot of confusion on what it is exactly. That’s what we are going to clarify in today’s episode.  Dr. Heather Sung is a palliative care physician in Connecticut and shares what it is, how it differs from hospice and […]